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I don’t know how often people save favorite Instagram posts, but I’ve found saving is a great way to compile references to ad campaigns (promoted posts), or keep something I want to find out more about, or simply keep because it’s exceptional in some way..

I’ve been taking a research class this quarter and the focus has been a small business that has a goal of launching as a CSA (community-supported agriculture) subscription service.  I’ve seen a number of CSAs promote their subscription services on Instagram, so it was useful to keep them on file. If and when the CSA gets off the ground, being able to reference competitive marketing will be helpful.

But note saved ads or promoted posts only appear on your device and not on the website. Also, they don’t allow you to copy a link to reshare. That’s why I haven’t shared any of them here.

How to save a favorite Instagram post

It’s easy to save a post. Usually, the “badge” icon is directly below an image off to the right. So if you see something you want to save, just tap the badge. It goes from an outline to solid black. That’s it!

To access saved posts on an Android versus an iPhone are similar but varied. There is a navigation icon on the top right —either a hamburger menu or three vertical dots. Tap and scroll down to “Saved” to view saved posts.

On the desktop (I’m on a Mac) there are a series of icons on the profile page. Just click “SAVED” to view.

Sometimes I see something that strikes me as funny, and I save it so I can show my son or husband later. Note, this is a bit of insight into my weird sense of humor.

Special moments are worth tagging because I’m pretty sure I’d have a hard time digging up this post from 7.5 years ago. Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg was doing a recruitment event at the Seattle Facebook offices and I was lucky to be sitting in the front row.

And this post shared by a friend that captured some of the excitement of #SPF30, (30th anniversary of SubPop Records) which happened last summer across the street from our store, Alki Surf Shop.

Here are two “weird” ones I saved just because.

And finally, once in a while I see something that looks useful, like a recipe or some kind of hack. I’ve been parallel parking for a long time, but when I saw this, I was like, Ohhhh. So this is what I should be doing.

“Saved posts” is a great bookmarking feature built into Instagram. You can keep track of whatever you want! Just remember, if you save an “ad” or promoted post, it will reside only on your device.

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