Post Multiple Instagram Photos at Once

How to post multiple Instagram photos at once.

If you’re on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed some people post multiple Instagram photos at once.

There are several reasons why it’s useful to post more than one photo. Sometimes you might be attending an event and shoot a number of photos that are similar. You can post a progression of images that follow throughout the event. Or maybe you’ve shot variations of your garden, but can’t decide on a single photo.

It’s super easy to post multiple Instagram photos at once, and I’m going to try to explain it now.

To begin

Choose two or more photos that you would like to share in the same post. If you want to take the images and first edit in an app like Pixlr, go ahead and do that first!

Once you have the images selected, go to your photo album and choose the first image in your multiple-image post. Hit the double square icon in the lower right corner. This tells Instagram that you intend to choose other photos.

In this example, I’m going to add a total of three images. Notice the first photo has a “1” over the ghosted preview.

Now the second photo has a “2” showing it is the second picture in the post.

Now The third photo has been selected. Notice Hunter is moving in the lower right corner! Hit “Next.”

The third image has been added to the series, denoted by “3.”

After selecting your images

At this point you can change the order of the images pressing on the white circle with diagonal hashmarks in the lower left corner (see example below). This will allow you to move a photo from one position to another.

And this is the time to apply various Instagram filters to the images if you haven’t already pre-processed it elsewhere. If you don’t want to use a filter, no worries! Just move on to the next image by hitting “Next.”

I think I used the “slumber” filter on the first image and “hefe” on the next. You can tweak the filters if you change your mind, and you can apply different filters to each photo.

Final steps

Time to insert a caption and hashtags! Also, you can designate your location as well as cross-post to Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. In this case, I chose to cross-post to Facebook.

The final post shows the name, location and first photo with “dots” ••• underneath. The dots indicate the number of photos in the post.

Multiple image posts are seen more than once

Sometimes I see my instagram friends post single images from the same event. The thinking could be they want each image to be seen.

Multiple image posts have a longer than normal viewable life than a single image post. Multiple image posts will re-appear if a viewer sees only your primary image. The next time around, the second photo in the gallery will show up, and so on.

I hope you’ll give it a try and tell me what you think! Enjoy!


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