I hope you find Instagram Tips a good resource to help you use and build your Instagram account.

“BLOG POSTS” on the top navigation, or”RECENT POSTS” will allow you to navigate, with the most recent content appearing at the top. If you are new to Instagram, it could be useful to start with the oldest post.

My personal Instagram feed includes about 17,000 images. It has evolved from a random moment-to-moment diary to a competitive volume-based “race-to-post,”  to a place where I’ve become more thoughtful about the content I share. Many people post daily, which was my practice until mid-2018 when I switched to publishing every other day. Since I started attending school full time in January, I’ve tried to share once or twice each week. Each post is usually accompanied by an extended caption that functions as a mini-blog post.

If you follow my Instagram account and tag me in a comment (on a recent image) to let me know, I’ll follow you back! You should be able to view or follow my Instagram at this link: @terrinakamura. I try to respond to every comment!

To give you an idea of what I share, below are my top nine for 2018. The center bottom image was shot on the campus of Bellevue College!

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